I just thought I would write another driving type post today whilst watching a drive with me, oh dear! So I am not sure if I mentioned this in the last post but I had booked my driving test for the Easter holidays but for some unforeseen family reasons I could not take my test or have lessons for a couple of weeks. It made more sense for me to take my test again in the summer as things had calmed down by May but this was too close to the start of my A level exams which started in late May. I think this was the best decision for me because I was very stressed about my fast approaching exams and driving also made me feel exhausted due to all the concentration it requires. I used to feel just as stressed and tired after driving as I did whilst revising!

So fast forward to summer and I have started driving again. I went out with my Dad yesterday when I am writing this and I can’t explain the difference in how I felt whilst driving. I felt so much more calm than I used to when I was driving a few months ago which shows how sometimes a break from something can be very beneficial especially if you had been going through a stressful period such as A level exams. Although I do tend to ‘hedge trim’ as my Dad calls it, I got used to the positioning of the car on the road quite easily too. I even drove 40 miles today and went on some busy dual carriage ways which is an achievement for me!

I am going to be doing more driving this summer in between some travelling and other plans! I am hoping to pass my driving test before the start of uni!

I just want to end this post by showing that not everyone feels comfortable driving after a couple of months, not everyone passes their test after 4 months as some people seem to but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. I know that driving lessons are expensive but it is equally important to feel more confident driving once you do eventually pass!

Larissa xo

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