I recently went on a short trip to Italy and I thought I would do a post about what we did and some of the delicious restaurants we went to.



The main tourist sight in Pisa is the iconic leaning tower which is set amongst many beautiful buildings including Pisa cathedral which has very ornate sculptures and columns which excited my inner Classicist I must say! I did really enjoy seeing the leaning tower but I must say it was very busy (as you might expect), with crowds of tourists trying to get the iconic ‘holding the leaning tower’ photo. I did manage to get the photo after a fair few attempts I must say!


One of the most beautiful sights in Florence is the iconic Duomo with the stunning white, peach and green marble which compliments the building beautifully. The attention to detail on the Duomo is exceptional with lavishly decorated columns as well as biblical imagery. We got lots of lovely photos of the Duomo but we unfortunately didn’t get chance to go inside due to a seemingly enormous queue each time we tried to go inside.

There are lots of other buildings in the square surrounding the Duomo which are also worth a visit including the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower which is also worth a visit for its beautiful architectural design!


There are a huge number of different museums in Florence but we decided to go to two of the main museums. We firstly went to the Palazzo Vecchio. This was a beautiful museum which was located near a sort of square which had a variety of mythical sculptures in it which were interesting to look at. The museum itself was so very ornately detailed with a wide variety of golden imagery on the ceilings which included references to mythological stories and on the walls too which also included marble sculptures. I found some of the friezes in the museum to be particularly impressive especially in their attention to detail in the representation of war!

The other museum we went to was the Uffizi gallery which is a very iconic gallery in Florence. The Biblical imagery in this museum was also very impressive with lots of vivid colours being included in the paintings. A very iconic painting in the museum is the ‘birth of Venus’ which was a stunning painting with such vivid colours being included in it. One of my favourite parts of the museum was the hallway which included busts of famous Roman leaders and also sculptures linked to mythology which also interested me due to me taking sculpture and architecture as one of my Classics papers.

Another place which is worth a visit in Florence is the Mercato Centrale which was an amazing market! It had lots of leather shops which were actually quite reasonably priced and some shops to buy souvenirs too. The market also had a wonderful food court which had a wide variety of Italian cuisine and also had an extensive bar!


San Michele in Foro. We didn’t go inside it but we took many nice photos outside of the stunning architecture, including (you have probably guessed now) the beautiful, ornate columns!

Lucca cathedral. The Lucca cathedral was absolutely stunning, one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have been in. I particularly loved the ornate ceilings with the golden and blue imagery working in unison alongside the images of heaven and angels. The stain glass windows were equally impressive, the coloured biblical scenes are so vivid!

Piazza dell’ Antiteatro. This was one of my favourite sights in Lucca, it has an array of buildings in the circular amphitheatre shape. There were many nice shops and restaurants in the square.

Restaurants- food is an important part of every trip! It can be difficult to find gluten and dairy free restaurants on holiday so here are some restaurants we enjoyed on our trip!


Ristoro pecorino. We went to this restaurant for lunch on our first day in Italy. They had amazing gluten free sandwiches with foot long loaves; I had a salmon and spinach sandwich which was so delicious. They also had very filling gluten and dairy free salads too.


Mista pizza. It has a beautiful location near the Duomo in the centre of Florence which is stunning in the Italian sunshine! I am not exaggerating when I say that they had the best gluten and dairy free pizza I have ever had; the pizza dough was so soft and the dairy free cheese was so creamy, a perfect combination! They also did gluten free salads which were also very filling and delicious. I found a new favourite drink at this restaurant, the typical Italian drink of aerol spritz with prosecco which was an amazing drink and very refreshing!

Perche no! This is an old style gelato place with a huge selection of dairy free ice creams including chocolate and various types of fruit ice creams, you could also get them with gluten free cones which was a perfect combination. It was also a very reasonable place for the fact they did dairy free ice cream, much more reasonable than some ice cream places near me in the UK surprisingly enough!

Starbene. Starbene is an entirely gluten free bakery shop with many dairy free items too. The pastries were honestly amazing with my favourites being short bread biscuits covered in dairy free chocolate and the small flower shaped apricot cookies they have!


Gelateria Veneta Lucca. Another amazing gelato place which had a couple of flavours such as chocolate and summer fruits, also with gluten free cones.

Angolo tondo. This restaurant has a stunning location in the amphitheatre of Lucca, it is a stunning place in the sunshine! We had pizza here which was good but not quite as good as the pizza in Mista pizza, they also didn’t have dairy free cheese but the pizza was fairly good without it to be fair to the restaurant!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do you have any places you want to travel to? Comment them down below!

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