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Outlander. One of my favourite TV shows I have ever watched. It is a massively underrated show despite having amazing actors and a gripping storyline, it even linked to my A level History with the Jacobite storyline! The central premise of the show is a bit confusing at first but it revolves around Claire who is transported 200 years in the past (from the 1940’s) through some magical circle of rocks in Scotland. She meets the dashing Jamie Fraser (of course) who becomes her love interest and eventual husband, there are so many twists and turns in their story which is very fascinating.

The Split. Another amazing programme (which was on the BBC) and is centred around female lawyers which really appealed to me as someone who will be studying Law at university from late September and is also a staunch feminist.

First Dates. This is a show I have recently been really enjoying. It can become very addictive in watching the various first dates, the show seems to do such a great job at matching people together!

Merlin. What an amazing show. It has a gripping storyline and such great characters who are 3 dimensional instead of being more one dimensional as many characters on TV tend to be. It also has magic so what’s not to love?

All the above photos are from google images, they are not my photos.

Films. I am not a huge fan of watching films, I can watch episodes of TV one after the other but I in general struggle to sit through films unless they particularly impress me. I have enjoyed watching two films in particular recently

Wonderwoman. I really enjoyed watching this film. Firstly, I love the mix of Classical myths and History in relation to the First world war, I think it works well for the storyline of the film. I also adore the character of Wonderwoman herself; as she was brought up by the Amazons she is a very strong woman who can do anything she sets her mind to, (even going above the trenches!)

Ocean’s 8. I went to see this at the cinema recently and I loved it, it kept me entertained throughout. I loved the differing characters in the team and their differing personalities and how they worked together to make the plan a reality, I also loved the use of humour in the film, it had some genuinely funny moments! Finally, I loved the gorgeous outfits in the scenes in the Met Gala, especially the beautiful dress worn by Anne Hathaway.


The private lives of the Tudors by Tracy Borman

I found this book so interesting. I studied the Tudor’s as part of one of my History papers (which was Tudor rebellions) and so I found this was an interesting read as a background to my course but also in general as this book has lots of information about each of the Tudor monarchs

The children of Jocasta by Natalie Haynes. I have been really enjoying this book recently, it tells the stories of Oedipus and Antigone from the point of view of female characters but with a twist from the traditional stories.


Italian cookies (which I believe you can find online). They gave these cookies out for breakfast where we were staying and they are so delicious, they are also gluten and dairy free which is perfect.’Arancia-33g/co/produttore+desc%2C+nome+asc/o/1/act_filt/%7CC/c/436/p/18468.html

Mango peaches. They are so refreshing and yet filling. You can find them at grocery type stalls and sometimes supermarkets.

Aldi snack bars. Aldi are winning at the moment with their snack bars, my favourite Is the cacao and peanut butter one which is also gluten and dairy free.


Mango chuctney. The perfect addition to any meal but goes perfectly with any type of curry


My favourite outfit of the month is this gorgeous dress from Primark, these old shoes from Clarkes and this pair of sunglasses from John Lewis


Hannah Meloche. Such an uplifting youtuber with lots of amazing travel videos and day in my life videos

Marie Senechal. She makes such informative and comforting mental health videos, it is so amazing how she uses her personal experiences to help others

Elena. Another uplifting youtuber with such positive videos. I specifically enjoy her travel videos and her videos relating to college.

Ibz Mo. I adore his channel! He makes such funny videos but they are also very helpful in terms of university application and life at university too.

Larissa xo

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