As many of you know, I have just finished year 13 and will be studying Law at university in September. I am writing this post to help those of you who are going into year 13 and perhaps year 12 too, it is never too early to start thinking of what Uni course you want do and consequently your personal statement. It took me a long time to get my personal statement right, around 30 odd drafts I believe as I am a perfectionist! I got two unconditionals for Law and I believe this most likely was due to my personal statement which myself, my mum, some older friends and some of my teachers worked very hard at. If you guys do want to increase your chances of getting an unconditional (because it does take a lot of pressure of), it is vital to do your research on the student room and talking to present students at universities because only certain universities for certain courses give unconditional offers so this is something to bare in mind! If you guys have any more questions about this, feel free to message me! To help you start your personal statement you might want to use a writing frame which I believe you can find at some University open days or online. This helps to show you in a basic form about what different areas you need to include in your personal statement to give the impression you are a perfectly well rounded individual! You need to make sure you link your different activities to your subject whether this is setting up a club in your subject area, doing mentoring at school, doing a team sport, you need to make sure you can effectively link these activities to your course to show your enthusiasm for the course. You need to include a wide range of activities; not just academic or sports related. This brings me onto my next point… You need to show enthusiasm for your subject, you need to write your personal statement to make admission tutors think it would be a travesty not to give you a place! Read around your subject, not just focusing on A level content. This will help to show your wider grasp of your subject but further showing your enthusiasm through the research you had done! Do not feel like you need to use complex language or phrasing, universities do not want you to ramble on! You only have a certain number of characters, you need to keep it to the point! Try to start your personal statement as early as you can and do as many drafts as you can! I wrote over 30 drafts of my personal statement to get it right because it is a difficult style of writing to get your head around! I hope this has been helpful! Larissa xo

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