At this time of the year everyone starts to develop their ‘summer bodies’ whilst I believe you should always do what makes you personally feel comfortable, I don’t feel the most comfortable in a bikini even if I am feeling more body confident on that particular day. Especially with the kind of people who were at my high school, it was almost an unwritten rule that if you go on holiday or for a swim you must post a bikini picture and if you don’t why? This is the type of culture created by shows such as love island which show people in bikinis often and show them being judged by their appearance in bikinis.

People often don’t realise that it can be difficult for people (such as myself) to wear a bikini in a busy public space, I’m ok where it is quieter but if I am in a busy place, wearing a bikini can make me feel overexposed and feel people are judging me. It is also difficult for me to wear a bikini in photos sometimes, I’m not the most comfortable in front of the camera by any means so posing in a bikini which also makes me feel uncomfortable is not a great combination! It would also make me feel extremely uncomfortable to share it on social media sites such as Instagram because it makes me more self conscious of what I perceive as my visable body flaws such as my thighs but that is ok! You don’t need to post every moment on social media for you to enjoy it and for it to be real, you also don’t have to post photos of yourself on the beach if you are not comfortable doing so, you might as well enjoy your time on the beach, reading and swimming than worrying about what you look like in a bikini!

It takes time to grow confident on the beach for some people but finding a swimsuit to compliment your figure can also help, whether this is a swimsuit, a bikini or a costume with a shirt over if that makes you feel more comfortable. Here is a link to an article which gives details on different types of swimsuits for different purposes- Here is another link to an article regarding swimsuits for different body shapes-

However, you have to make sure that you are with people who make you feel comfortable because it will make you feel much more at ease!

Larissa xo

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